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2007 – Can a Smile Really Transform a Life?

Once you read Jason’s Story, we are confident that you will agree that yes, a smile can really transform a life!

Growing-up Jason Jones was unable to afford adequate dental care. By the time Jason turned 25 he had lost all but two of his teeth. Causing sunk-in cheeks Jason’s appearance suppressed his naturally outgoing ways and restricted his ability to find work.

In 2007 a patient of our practice saw Jason’s story in The Toronto Star and brought it to Dr. Singh’s attention. She was sure that the broad scope of Dr. Singh’s expertise and services would be able to change Jason’s life. Upon learning of Jason’s story Dr. Singh, the laboratory, implant supplier and his team offered to help Jason, the results were remarkable and become front page news!

Dr. Singh developed a relatively simple treatment plan, paying special attention to facial proportions and support for Jason’s lips and cheeks. Post smile makeover Jason was able to chew normally again, leave behind his soft food diet and return to eating a healthy balance diet.  Jason’s dental implants radically transformed his appearance making him look 20 years younger.

“I can’t believe it!” was Jason’s response after seeing himself in the mirror. “No one is going to recognize me. I don’t know what to say. I just want to keep smiling!”

We reconnected with Jason after his smile makeover to see how life had changed – he is now married with two beautiful daughters, a steady job, and owns his own home.

“He exemplifies what we truly believe at Vitality.  That is, the tools and techniques that we have in modern dentistry can be life changing”, says Dr. Singh.  “Jason’s dramatic transformation caught the eye of the Toronto Star, but every day we help other patients improve their confidence, self-esteem, ability to function and overall health!”, he added.  “We help them look better, feel better, look better!”

Read Jason’s story in the Toronto Star. 

Jason’s success was a result of our leading expertise and access to cutting edge technology. Dr. Singh used a combination of computer-guided implants  (“teeth-in-an-hour”), CEREC 3D single-appointment cosmetic Noritake porcelain crowns and veneers, and neuromuscular dentistry.

If you would like to know how we could to transform your smile contact us at anytime to schedule your complementary consultation!

Before and After Success Stories


THE CHALLENGE: This patient’s two front teeth were stained and crooked. One of them had a painful root fracture. 
THE SOLUTION: We placed a single anterior dental implant and crown on the tooth with the root fracture. The other front tooth got a crown as well. 
THE RESULTS: The patient’s pain is gone, and she now smiles freely without embarrassment. 


THE CHALLENGE: The patient had multiple missing teeth and was wearing two partial dentures, both in the upper and lower jaws. Bridges in the front of his upper and lower jaws supported the dentures. The teeth supporting the bridges were deteriorating resulting in bone loss and bite instability. He had a collapsed bite. His upper and lower teeth also did not line up properly so his bit was off laterally. He had great difficulty chewing.

THE SOLUTION: We extracted all the teeth and placed immediate implants. We placed him into fixed temporary bridges. Later we transitioned him into full, fixed arches about one month later after the gum tissue had healed. In this case we waited about a month in order for the gum tissue to heal. It is only then that we know where the gum line will be, in order to place the final restorations.
THE RESULTS: The patient has a full set of natural looking teeth and a stable bite. He is the CEO of a company and is confident to give speeches to employees, as well as deal directly with key suppliers and customers. He can eat anything without the worry of his dentures coming loose or falling out.



THE CHALLENGE: In 2003, this patient fractured his front tooth and had severe infection in his gums (you can see the purple colour). In 2008, the patient fractured the other tooth while playing hockey.
THE SOLUTION: his was one of the first patients in which we performed an immediate implant (in 2003). At the time, immediate implants were not widely performed and were considered leading edge technology. In 2008, we performed another immediate implant and crown. 
THE RESULTS: The first implant and crown were placed in 2003. Ironically, the original implant (and crown) survived another trauma to the front teeth in 2008, when the second implant was placed. Now both his front teeth look and function perfectly natural.


THE CHALLENGE: The Patient had many missing teeth, and numerous broken and chipped fillings. He had periodontal problems, and was wearing an ill-fitting partial denture. The result was a collapsed bite. His left central incisor was replaced by an implant from another doctor. He experienced occasional jaw pain and had problems chewing his food. 
THE SOLUTION: We placed multiple individual implants in the upper and lower jaws, along with bridges. We also put crowns on all the remaining teeth. The patient also had a full bite reconstruction. 
THE RESULTS: The patient has the confidence to eat out again without worrying about his denture falling out. His facial appearance also improved as a result of the normalization of his bite.


THE CHALLENGE: The teeth curved upwards, rather than curving downwards. The overall appearance was a reverse smile. The bridge was completely broken and was essentially supported by only a few teeth in his upper jaw. He also had some fractured roots. He was in pain because he couldn’t bite properly. 

THE SOLUTION: The old bridge was removed. All the remaining teeth in the upper jaw were removed and replaced with six immediate implants and a complete implant-supported arch (all-on-six). On the lower jaw we rebuilt his entire bite with new crowns and a bridge on his existing teeth. 


THE CHALLENGE: This patient was an athlete and had fractured his front tooth while playing hockey. He also split the root and was experiencing significant pain.

THE SOLUTION: One of our goals is to preserve gum tissue as much as possible to maintain the normal appearance of gums. Immediate implants allow us to maintain gum tissue. In this case we extracted the tooth, placed an immediate implant, and installed a temporary crown until the bone fused to the implant. We were able to preserve the gum tissue dividing the two front teeth. If we had not done an immediate implant, that gum tissue between his teeth would likely have receded, resulting in a dark space and an unnatural look. 
THE RESULTS: The tooth was placed perfectly. The tooth’s natural architecture was preserved. All the gum tissue was maintained, resulting in a completely natural look. It would be virtually impossible to tell that the patient has an implant on his from tooth.


THE CHALLENGE: The patient had a severely collapsed bite and had actually worn down and snapped a number of teeth at the gum level. He had a bridge in the area where the teeth had snapped. 

THE SOLUTION: The patient had immediate implants placed along with bridges on the front of his lower and upper jaws. New crowns were placed on the rear teeth to build up his bite. The patient had a bone defect on his upper right side and was fixed by extending the crowns. He did not want to go through the process of bone grafting because there was little bone for the grafting material to adhere to. It was important to support the lip structure for cosmetic reasons. 
THE RESULTS: The patient’s bite was completely restored. He could now chew properly again. His gums are now healthy and free from swelling and infection. His facial appearance also improved due to the improved lip support.


THE CHALLENGE: This patient had a number of problems. Many of his teeth had become loose due to periodontal disease. He also had poor aesthetics and an inability to chew food very well. The denture that was in place was unstable and contributed to the loosing of the teeth because the clasps were attached to the periodontally involved teeth. He couldn’t eat meats or any hard food. 

THE SOLUTION: All of his upper teeth were extracted. Six immediate implants were placed at the time of extraction, with a temporary bridge… and a month later into a permanent bridge. At his request, the bottom teeth were done a few months later using the same procedure. 
THE RESULTS: Now he has no periodontal problems. He has a completely stable bite. He eats anything including meat and hard foods. He has no discomfort with his teeth and is very confident with his smile.


THE CHALLENGE: This patient was referred to us from Barbados. He had badly decayed and broken down teeth. He also had pain, bad breath, swollen gums, abscesses, and the inability to chew properly. He had an ill-fitting partial denture with no back-teeth support. The patient also had a collapsed, and over-closed bite with severe periodontal disease. 

THE SOLUTION: All of his upper teeth were extracted. Seven immediate implants were placed at the time of extraction with a complete upper arch. Six posterior implants were placed on the lower jaw, three on each side. Two bridges were placed on the rear teeth. Crowns were placed on the 4 front teeth. 
THE RESULTS: Now he has no periodontal issues …and very healthy gum tissue. His bite has been restored is completely stable. He can chew his food comfortably. His facial proportions have been restored resulting in a more youthful facial appearance. The patient made a total of three trips to see us… one was for the diagnosis; one was for extractions, placement of the implants, and the placement of temporary crowns; and the final visit to do the final restorations.


THE CHALLENGE: The patient came to us with very worn teeth, a collapsed bite, and crowns that were oxidizing and creating black lines at the gum line. 

THE SOLUTION: We placed implants, and implant supported bridges on the rear lower molars to restore the bite. We placed new crowns on his upper teeth, and lower front teeth. 
THE RESULTS: The patient’s bite was completely restored and was able to chew properly again. His facial proportions were restored once his bite was built up. He has a new found confidence in his improved appearance and new smile.


THE CHALLENGE: The patient had her two front teeth damaged due to trauma earlier in her life. The crowns needed to be changed and her previous dentist tried to drill out the posts to place new posts for the new crowns. Unfortunately the dentist had damaged to bone due to excessive heat generated from the drill. The result was a loss of the gum tissue from the bone between and above her two front teeth. She was also in severe pain due to the damaged bone that would not heal. She went to a number of specilists in the Ottawa area, but none were willing to fix the problem.
THE SOLUTION: The patient was referred to us as a last hope. Dr. Singh looked at the problem and knew what to do. He removed the affected teeth and replaced them with immediate implants. In the process, he carefully removed the dead bone and grafted new bone in its place. He sutured the remaining gum tissue onto the new bone. Dr. Singh placed temporary restorations on the implants until the bone healed and the gum tissue slowly grew back. When the gum tissue had grown back to its natural position, Dr. Singh placed the final crowns. 
THE RESULTS: The pain subsided immediately after surgery because the damaged bone was removed and replaced with healthy bone. Within two days, the pain was gone. There is no more exposed bone. The gum lines look natural once again. She is now pain free and can smile with confidence.


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