Natural Looking Fillings

Composite Resin Fillings
Silver fillings have been used for decades, and eventually these fillings need to be replaced. Composite resin fillings are made from a natural looking synthetic material. Besides standing out as dark patches against your white teeth, old-fashioned “amalgam” fillings are made from metals which oxidize and corrode over time through normal wear and tear. This wear can cause gaps that let bacteria into your tooth, or expansion which can cause cracks and fractures in your teeth. Composite resin replaces "amalgam" fillings and can last many years with proper care.

CEREC Porcelain Restoration

Single Appointment Porcelain Fillings and Crowns

The strongest and most superior option is the placement of a CEREC porcelain filling. CEREC (CEramic REConstruction) is a dental restoration system that uses CAD/CAM technology to 3D print fillings, crowns, veneers, onlays and inlays onsite in a single appointment.

Porcelain is the best looking substitute for natural tooth enamel. It’s the closest to natural enamel of any restorative substance available.
CEREC porcelain is more resistant to wear compared to resin, wearing at just about the same rate as your natural tooth.
No impressions. A 3D image of your teeth is taken by an intraoral scanner and used to construct an incredibly accurate virtual 3D model of your teeth. No goo-filled trays!
Provides a perfect seal between tooth and filling minimizing chances of infection and actually strengthening the tooth.
Completed from beginning to end in a single appointment.

Frequently Asked Questions

About Fillings

Can I be put to sleep for my treatment?

In office sedation is available. Call to ask for more information.

Do I need to change my silver fillings?

No. You only need to change old fillings if they are breaking down or causing pain. If you are concerned about your fillings, call your dentist to book an appointment.

How do I change my silver fillings?

Outdated silver “amalgam” fillings are often replaced by natural-looking resin fillings. To replace your fillings, book an appointment with your dentist. After a personalized examination of your fillings, your dentist will provide the best options available to have your silver fillings replaced.

How long will my new filling last?

With proper care, your new filling will last many years. Brush, floss and see your dentist for your regular check-up.

Do fillings hurt?

Your comfort is our top priority. With modern dental technology, local anesthetics, and careful practises you can expect a positive and pain-free dental experience. Our filling procedure requires the bare minimum of enamel removal to prepare for a filling. If you’re nervous about your dental appointment, please let us know what we can do to make you more comfortable.

How long do fillings take?

Both resin fillings and CEREC porcelain fillings only take one appointment to complete. CEREC porcelain technology is the only porcelain filling available which can be completed from start to finish in just one visit.

How much do fillings cost?

The cost of your resin or porcelain fillings depends on the level of service you require. For a cost estimate specific to your needs, book a consultation with your dentist. All our services, including CEREC porcelain technology, are completed in-house. That means there are no hidden-fees on your estimate.

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