Periodontal Disease &
Soft Tissue Management

What is Periodontal Disease?
“Perio-” means “Around” and “-Dontal” refers to Teeth. Periodontal disease is a bacterial infection of the gum, ligaments and bone which support your teeth. Periodontal disease including gingivitis and periodontitis are serious medical conditions. Without proper treatment, these bacterial infections can lead to bone loss, receding gums, and tooth loss of one or more teeth.
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Proper Treatment Can Prevent And Reverse Gum Disease

Periodontal disease is caused by many factors such as poor oral hygiene, stress, poor nutrition, smoking, genetics, medications, clenching or grinding, diabetes and other illnesses. The good news is most periodontal disease can be avoided with good oral hygiene habits including brushing, flossing and regular check-ups. If you are experiencing bleeding or swollen gums or if you have general discomfort or trouble eating because of pain, we welcome you to book an examination. You will be provided with a recommended treatment plan which will restore your oral health and provide relief.

Frequently Asked Questions

About Your Periodontal Health

My adult tooth fell out. Now what?

It is not normal for adult teeth to fall out on their own. If your tooth has fallen out by itself (not caused by an injury) it may indicate bone loss or an infection. It is important to call your dentist and schedule an appointment.

My teeth are loose. What do I do?

Loose adult teeth are not normal. If your teeth are loose, this may indicate trauma to the jaw, bone loss, or infection. Schedule an appointment with your dentist to have your teeth assessed.

How long does periodontal treatment last?

Your periodontal treatment will include recommendations and instructions on self-care which will help prevent gum disease from returning. As long as you take proper care of your teeth, your gums should stay healthy. If you ever have questions about caring for your gums or if your gum disease starts to return schedule a check-up to revisit your recommended oral hygiene regimen.

I have pain and swelling in my jaw. What do I do?

Pain and swelling in your jaw are not normal and may indicate a serious dental condition. Untreated periodontal disease leads to bone and ligament loss in the jaw and may be the cause of your discomfort. To find the cause of your jaw pain and swelling, schedule an appointment with a dentist.

Your dentist will assess your jaw and give you recommendations on a course of action designed to relieve your swelling and pain and restore your jaw.

My gums hurt. What do I do?

Gums start to hurt when they aren’t being cleaned properly. Proper gum health is achieved through regular good oral hygiene habits like brushing, flossing and regular check-ups. If you aren’t sure about your oral hygiene, you are invited to call and ask our team of oral experts.

Pain in your gums may also be an early indicator of gum disease. Catch gum disease early by scheduling an appointment with a dentist or hygienist. With proper care, most gum disease can be reversed.

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I had full implants done at Vitality Dentistry by Dr. Singh and his team. Dr. Singh uses all up to date technology.  I had the all on 4 teeth in one day done. He uses computer guides, that allow him to know exactly where the implants are placed also using this reduced pain, & healing time, virtually no down time. Dr Singh is the go to for implants, he is very experienced and meticulous. Its one stop shop everything is done onsite, no sending it into a lab, even the bridges.  I recommend if you are looking to get implants or just general dentistry look no further.  The staffs are awesome very caring and provided exceptional services. Vitality Dentistry is the go to.  An enormous thank you to all!!


Dr. Singh is the best dentist I have ever had.  He is professional and thorough and fully equipped with the latest cutting edge dental care technology.  He makes sure that you understand all of your options.  Great friendly staff as well.  No one likes to visit a dentist - but we all have to from time to time.  When that time comes - visit Raj and his team.  They will look after you.

Staff is amazing and they take the time to plan out the best care for you. Their technology is impressive and makes you feel like you really are getting the best care out there. Dr. Raj is amazing and really knows and understands the best treatments for you. He has also selected an amazing team that you feel just as safe in anyone’s hands. Angie is also so helpful and knowledgeable as your treatment coordinator and makes sure you have all of the information you need to make informed decisions. Couldn’t be happier with my experience there.

If you haven't been to Vitality Dentistry - GO!
I had my dentist for years and then one day tried Vitality.  Best thing I ever did.  All the staff are friendly and helpful.  The hygienist are all great, they customize your appointments, they give you options, if there is something you are not comfortable with they will change their approach. I used to take the little tablets to calm you before each cleaning at my old dentist, not anymore.  I just go in.  Lately I have been using Helen and she is fabulous...ok, she is a perfectionist so maybe a little more prodding but your teeth come out sparkling.  Thanks to everyone at Vitality for making my dentist trips relaxing and pain free.

The Best Place I have ever visited for my dental care throughout the GTA.
Top of the line latest technology equipment which allows to have the most precise, painless and the most comfortable procedure possible.
I am 'speechless' for the care I was given by the doctor, the staff and and the Coordinator-Heavenly and Blissful.

Absolutely amazing service, I have been a customer for over 30 years and my kids have been seeing Dr Raj since they were babies. Now my kids are 19 years and 21 years old and still seeing him. Thank you for making their experience a good one.. The "Dentist" is not a bad word in our home.

I will say definitively that no one ever likes to go see the dentist, but this place gets everything absolutely right.  They've got the friendliest staff that's always very helpful and professional.  Everything is always explained in detail and you can genuinely see that they care about you as a patient.  Best dentist I've ever been to!

This place is awesome. All the best staff work here. Dr. Singh is like a giant teddy bear. Very nice and gentle and I should know with all the work he has done in my mouth. He is always keeping up with the new technology and techniques and they make it easy to come back.
If you are looking for a new dentist you have to check this place out.

I was happy with my experience this morning.  My technician was gentle with the cleaning and thorough.  She was knowledgeable and gave good suggestions for my dental health.  Dentistry at Vitality Health are up with the new technology and techniques.  I have always been confident and happy with any work I have had done here.

Been a patient for  3 years.   Have always had a great experience.  Been with Karen last few visits.  She is very professional.  I feel very confident as she is very thorough.  I look forward to my visits as I know I'm in good hands.

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