Smile Makeover
The most beautiful thing you can wear is a smile.

Unless you’re embarrassed or self-conscious about your smile.

Crowded teeth, missing teeth, discoloured teeth, or malformed teeth can all detract from a smile. You may choose to not smile in pictures, place your hand over your mouth when you smile or simply choose to not smile. Your smile might deter you in social settings and it might even cause you physical discomfort.

At Dentistry at Vitality Health, we’ve had thousands of patients come to us for a Smile Makeover. We understand the value of a healthy, beautiful smile.

We manage every aspect of a smile makeover from conception to completion.

The first step is to plan the optimal treatment for you and with you. The options could include a simple whitening, a single veneer or crown, a series of crowns or veneers within your visible smile, or a complete bite reconstruction. Using digital technology, we can determine what solution is best for you. Our 3D Cone Beam CT Scanner provides us important information about your teeth above the gum line and below the gum line. The patient coordinator is dedicated to ensuring that you understand each option, the treatment steps, the cost and the benefits of a beautiful smile!

The second step is to visualize what your new smile will look like. Using our digital Smile Design software, which just came to market in September 2017, we can simulate your new smile design in an existing photo. Our patients love having a preview of their new smile!

The third step is to prepare your teeth for the permanent crowns or veneers. To prepare a tooth for a veneer or crown, Dr. Singh will remove about 1/2 millimeter of enamel from the tooth surface, which is an amount nearly equal to the thickness of the crown or veneer to be added to the tooth surface. Another digital scan using our intraoral scanner is made; there are no gooey impressions taken.  A temporary veneer or crown is made chairside and the digital file from the scan is sent to our lab where the permanent crown or veneer crown is manufactured. If you are getting a single crown or veneer, we’ll place the permanent veneer or tooth in a single appointment.

The final step occurs when you return on your next visit to have the permanent veneers or crowns placed. Then your new smile is revealed!


There are many benefits to having your Cosmetic Dentistry done at Dentistry at Vitality Health. 

Smile Design. Some patients can’t visualize how their smile will look after cosmetic or implant treatment. Using our 3D Smile Design Technology, we can design and show you your new smile in less than 30 minutes. 

Colour Matching.Our in-house lab means that we have a Cosmetic Expert on-site to colour match your veneers and crowns.

A Tooth in an Hour! Our onsite Computer Aided Design/Computer Aided Manufacturing CAD/CAM technology enables us to create a new crown for our patients in under an hour. It’s entirely possible for you to come to our office needing a root canal, broken tooth to be fixed or an implant inserted; all which need crowns. Traditional offices would need you to come back for the final restoration a few days later, but, because we have an onsite lab, we can complete the entire treatment in one visit (if you have a healthy mouth that’s infection free).

No more gagging! Intraoral digital scanners replace the need to take dental impressions for orthodontics, crowns, veneers and implants.  They capture thousands of images per second and combine to form an accurate 3D image of your teeth and gums. Over 40% of patients surveyed* indicated that they gagged when having impressions taken using traditional materials and trays. Intraoral scanners eliminate the need for trays and almost eliminate a patient’s propensity to gag. If a you do feel uncomfortable, the technician can stop the process, wait a few minutes and then begin again without having to start over. Some patients resist having treatment completed because of their gagging reflex; with this new equipment, they can relax and not worry about discomfort.

More precision. We never want to lose the human touch in our practice, but when it comes to measuring microns, technology is superior to the human eye. Not only is technology more precise, but there’s a reduced margin of error and degradation caused by repeated copying.