Breathe Easy. Surgically Clean Air

Breathe Easy. Surgically Clean Air

When you visit a dentist office, you probably don't even consider the air quality; but you should.
Indoor air quality is quickly becoming a hot topic in government agencies and organizations. It makes sense since most people spend 80% of their day indoors; most of the air we breathe is indoor air.

Indoor air can have germs, chemicals, odours, dirt, dust, toxins, allergens and viruses. A typical dental office can have very poor air quality due to the types of materials used and due to the constant cleaning and sterilization of equipment. Procedures involving drilling, air-water syringe washing, sonic scalers and ultrasonic instruments create bio-aerosals. At Dentistry at Vitality Health, we have chosen to invest in providing our patients with cleaner, safer, purer air. We have purchased and installed two Surgically Clean Air purifiers in our office. These purifiers use a six-stage filtration system to remove harmful elements from the air and pump surgically clean air into our office every thirty minutes.

One of the stages in the Surgically Clean Air filtration system involves treating the air with negative ions. Negative ions are found in natural environments such as waterfalls, beaches and mountains; negative ions are natural air purifiers and are one of the reasons we chose to have an indoor living wall with a waterfall. Negative ions increase the flow of oxygen to the brain which results in more mental energy, decreased drowsiness and higher mental alertness. Negative ions clean the air of germs, virus, odors and dust even without that 'bad' air going into the machine; once the negative ions stick to the positively charged particle in the air the combined mass becomes too heavy to remain airborne. As a result, gravity will make the attached particle fall out of the air, usually on to the ground. It's like a one-two punch for cleaning 'bad' air – clean the air as it passes through the unit and begin cleaning the air before it gets to the unit. So the next time a sick person sneezes in a Surgically Clean Air environment the germs may be removed from the air before they get to the unit. That helps stop the spread of illness from person to person at work, and at home.

Surgically clean air is just one of the many ways we try to offer our patients an optimal dental experience.

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