More than a Chair – A Treatment Centre

More than a Chair – A Treatment Centre

Dentistry at Vitality Heath has new dental chairs that are more than a chair; they're a complete Treatment Centre.

The new Sirona Sinius and Intego dental chairs have arrived at Vitality. More than a chair, they are more aptly called a Treatment Centre. The advantages to Dr. Singh and the hygienists are too many to communicate in a few lines; overall the treatment centre provides innovative tools for a smoother workflow, optimized positioning and integrated functions.

The patient experiences more comfort in several ways. The positioning of the chair features ergo motion which means the backrest and seat move in conjunction when the patient is re positioned into resting or upright positions. Patients can request to have the lumbar support adjusted for minimum or maximum support. An ergonomic headrest can easily be adjusted to accommodate different heights of patients. And a retractable armrest provides a comfortable resting place and easy in-out access.

Communication is improved through higher resolution image monitors delivering perfect intraoral images, thereby giving you a better perspective and more insight on your oral health.

Low impact LCD lighting provides better clarity for the practitioner and less glare on the patient.

Not easily recognized is the improved sterilization and reduction of potential contaminants.The swiveling cuspidor can be removed for easy cleaning. All elements critical for hygiene are removed and sterilizedand thermally disinfected between patients. The suction hoses are cleaned & flushed automatically – quickly and easily. And the system can easily be purged after each patient. All buttons are on a LCD screen, similar to an iPhone, so no buttons are raised eliminating the opportunity for bacteria to grow in little crevices.

Finally, the upholstery is more plush and soft than the previous chairs. These chairs are so comfortable that you may be tempted to trade in your Lazy Boy at home, but, we recommend that you just enjoy the comfort at your regular cleanings and appointments.

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